Rajasthan Destination Guide

Rajasthan Destination Guide



Rajasthan, the land of palaces and forts which is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Words doesn’t match the Glory and the Pride this place holds. It has a few most colourful cities in India. Jaipur is pink, Jodhpur is blue, Udaipur is white, Jhalawar is purple and Jaisalmer is golden. This Rajasthan travel guide is filled with ideas & tips to kick-start your planning of vacation.

It is more than just a desert. Many historic palaces, Beautiful Lakes, Forts and mountains are spread across the entire state. Some of these Architectures are also recognized as world heritage sites by UNESCO. These serve as a great source of inspiration for the history and architecture enthusiasts. Mount Abu is the hill station of Rajasthan where it is impossible to find a spec of dry land and it is also a place where the temperature plummets to minus seven during winter!

There are more than 30 palaces and forts in the entire state. It also has a countless number of havelis and very old buildings.


01.  Travelling to Rajasthan


a)     Flights to Rajasthan – The Jaipur International Airport provides a direct connection to places like Sharjah, Malaysia, Dubai, Muscat and Bangkok. It is well connected with some of the major cities as well in India. Apart from that, Delhi International airport is the nearest one to reach Rajasthan.

b)     Rajasthan by Train - Cities across the country are well connected with a great network of local and express trains. Major cities like Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai have direct train routes to Jaipur. And also, the cities within Rajasthan are very well connected with local trains.

c)     Rajasthan Road trip - Rajasthan has a great road transport facility with 20 national highways in order to ensure smooth ride. The most popular Highway is NH8 which connects major cities like Delhi, Vadodara, Udaipur, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and many other cities. Bus facilities are provided by the Rajasthan government and are operated by Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC). Traveling on your own vehicle is also a great option as the national highways are well maintained and also can be used to commute within the cities of Rajasthan.


02.  Best time to Visit Rajasthan


October to March is considered the best time to visit here as the temperature is optimal for sightseeing, other activities and attractions. This is called as the peak season as people come from all over the world during this time to explore this beautiful state of India and it’s Heritage.

Temperature around the year:


Summer (April – June) – ( 24?-45? / 75?-105? )


Summers are pretty hot and harsh with the temperature up to 48°C. Ideal places to visit during this time would be Kumbhalgarh, Mount Abu or Ranakpur. The weather is pleasant and well suited for visit to these places. If you would like to explore the cities then evenings are the best time as the temperature stays quite moderate.


Monsoon (July – September) – ( 21?-35? / 70?-95? )


This season of Monsoon is more pleasant and refreshing as the temperature tends to drop across the state. This can be the perfect time in order to avoid the crowds during the peak season. The lake city of Udaipur, Bundi and the Keoladeo national park are a must visit places in this season.


Winter (October – March) – ( 13?-30? / 55?-85?)


The temperature continues to drop throughout and winter sets in at the beginning of October. This is the peak tourists season.  From October to March temperature variations are high and sometimes goes up to 0°C. This is the best time to go out into the desert and other parts of the state as the sun is not that intense.


03.  How many days to stay? 


Rajasthan is one of the largest states in India. The most popular tourist destinations are the cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer are. Two Nights stay at each of these mentioned places and explore every corner and nook of these cities. Add one more day to explore a few activities and fun to do around the city.


04.  Travelling within Rajasthan


Different local public transports are available for Commutation within the cities. Some of the available options are Buses, cycle rickshaws, autorickshaws, taxi, metro etc.. On every transport here would recommend you to fix the agreed price before you start the journey in order to avoid hassle. Fares are higher at Nights and some of the drivers even do charge extra for the baggage. Carry a lot of extra cash or coins to the taxi and rickshaw fares. Carry a proper map, a business card of the hotel you are staying in and most important please take care of your belongings.


Auto rickshaw (Tuk-tuk) and Shared Tempos


In India Auto Rikshaws are three-wheeled and canvas-roofed vehicle which can accommodate 2-3 passengers and their limited luggage. Jaipur has increasing numbers of quiet, comfortable, electric auto rickshaws. Auto Rickshaws are mostly cheaper than taxis (except Uber and Ola Cabs).


Tempos are oversized auto-rickshaws with room for more than two passengers, running on fixed routes for fixed fares.


Local & Intercity Buses


A lot of urban buses are very well connected and commute to various places around the city. Most of the time they are jam-packed and travel at a super speed (except for the rush hours). We would recommend you to opt for an auto-rickshaw or a taxi in order to have a comfortable commute. Both Luxury and normal Buses run between all major cities of Rajasthan. You get convenient overnight buses to Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and other major cities.


Cycle Rickshaw


Cycle rickshaw is a pedal cycle with two rear wheels and one front wheel, it has a bench seat for passengers. Some of them are with canopy which can be raised during hot sun or rain. In cities like Jaipur, this remains the major means of local transport. Again, here as well fares have to be fixed in advanced. The rickshaw runners are among the poorest people in India, so a tip or two will be appreciated.


Shared Jeeps


Shared jeeps are common among areas that are off the main road routes. These are fairly cheap and fully packed all the time. If you can’t find one you can ask local people around.


Private Taxis


Taxis are usually metered and can accommodate 3-4 passengers with Luggage. If the driver demands more money or claims the meter is broken then better opt for another taxis.


Ola and Uber cabs are an efficient way to get around in larger cities. These can be easily booked in advance at best rates. In tourists’ areas, some taxis refuse to use the meter and a fare has to be negotiated beforehand, In order to avoid such hassle you can book a prepaid taxi.


Prepaid Taxis


Indian airports and most of the train stations have prepaid taxi and radio cab booths right outside the building. We can book a taxi for a particular destination at a fixed price (including the luggage). Do hold on to your payment coupon until you reach your destination.


Radio cabs are a bit extensive than prepaid taxis. They are air-conditioned and also provide the company’s chauffeurs. These cabs also have an electronic meter and a GPS tracker which is tracked by the company to avoid any issues.



Metro Train in Jaipur


While in Jaipur you can take advantage of the metro transport to get around the city. Jaipur Metro is the first metro in India to run on double-story elevated road and metro tracks.


Rental bikes/Self-drive cars


Apps like zoom car and many other local services provide vehicles on rent. They have various options like cars, vans, bikes etc catering to your needs. These can be a great option if you prefer to travel without a driver.


05.  Wildlife in Rajasthan


a)     Ranthambore National Park 

b)     Sariska National Park

c)     Keoladeo Ghana National Park


06.  Places to See in Rajasthan


a)     Jodhpur

b)     Jaipur

c)     Jaisalmer

d)     Chittorgarh

e)     Udaipur

f)      Mount Abu

g)     Ajmer


07.  Things to do in Rajasthan 


a)     Camel safari

b)     Desert camping

c)     Dune Bashing

d)     Shopping

e)     Kite festival

f)      Bike Tour

g)     Zipline

h)     Hot Air Balloon ride



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